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One Place for Auto, Business, Home, & Renters Insurance in NC

One Place for Auto, Business, Home, & Renters Insurance in NC

When you choose Romeo Heatherly Insurance Services in Hickory, NC, you gain peace of mind knowing that a dedicated broker is working with your best interests at heart. 

Our agency was founded on the idea that people are best served when they have choices, and that one size does not fit all. This is why we work with multiple respected insurance carriers. This enables us to shop around and find the best possible deal for you or your loved ones.

What sets us apart from our competitors is that we’re really good at what we do. We have a well-deserved reputation amongst the insurance carriers for having an eagle eye and strong attention to detail. They know us by both name and reputation. We’ll advocate fiercely for your best interests and help provide you with the best coverage that suits your individual needs or lifestyle. 

Getting the best insurance policy doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ll do all the hard work and locate the perfect one that’s tailored-fit for you. We’re an independent agency, and this means we can shop around from multiple respected carriers to find you a policy that will provide you with the coverage that you need.

Personalized Service

Romeo Heatherly Insurance Services is your go-to for finding the best insurance coverage to fit you and/or your business! Whether it’s auto, home, life, or commercial insurance -- our personalized service ensures that we provide a tailored solution just for you. Plus...our commitment goes beyond signing up — assistance throughout every step of the process gives extra peace of mind so that all bases are being covered!

At Romeo Heatherly Insurance Services, we understand how important it is to keep your insurance costs down. So, if you're a current client nearing policy renewal and worried about potential rate hikes- don't panic! Our dedicated team works hard behind the scenes to find competitive deals for our valued customers whenever possible. Rest assured that should any such great offers arise we will let you know immediately!

Not Your Typical Insurance Agency

Romeo Heatherly Insurance is a full-service insurance broker. We’re often asked what the difference is between an insurance broker and an insurance agent. Insurance brokers are “independent” in the sense that we do not represent a single insurance company. 

Romeo Heatherly Insurance Services gives you access to the best possible deal from multiple carriers. We take your needs into consideration, and as registered brokers, our legal obligation is first and foremost towards protecting YOUR interests - that sets us apart!

An insurance agent works for a single insurance company. While they will sell you insurance, you need to remember that they are obligated to represent the best interests of the insurance company they work for. 

This means that if you ever have to file a claim on your insurance policy, and it turns into a complicated legal matter, your insurance agent will be required to represent the best interests of the insurance agency you’re fighting against.

At Romeo Heatherly Insurance Services, we provide personalized service and a commitment to your well-being. As insurance brokers, it's our job -- no matter what the circumstance -- to have your back when choosing policies that best suit you. We don't just stop at providing options; we go above and beyond in doing the work for you so that each decision can be made confidently, knowing it's tailored from top-notch insights and information.

Local Agency

Unlike other insurance agents, who work out of a huge call center thousands of miles away, we’re native to North Carolina. This means we speak your language and have expert knowledge of the area and all the local nuances that can affect your insurance policy. 

We proudly serve clients in all 100 counties in North Carolina, including:

  • Hickory
  • Conover
  • Newton
  • Claremont
  • Maiden
  • Granite Falls
  • Lenoir
  • Morganton
  • Valdese
  • Taylorsville

Romeo Heatherly Insurance Services provides comprehensive coverage for residents of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia residents. Contact us today for a tailored insurance plan to fit your needs!

Independent Agent offers the Best Company for each person

Independent Agent offers the Best Company for each person